Have you heard about Shark Tank’s Keto Diet Pills before? Chances are, you heard about the controversy buffing about the Shark Tank Weight Loss pills, but you might not know the whole scenario.

Shark Tank

To see the other side of the story, let’s have a deep insight into every little detail that favors or denies the Shark Tank Weight Loss Technique’s worth. We all want to be fit and healthy, but is there any shortcut to this? OR, more importantly, is any shortcut safe enough to take the risk? Who knows!

What is Shark Tank?

Shark Tank is a TV Show by ABC Network that provides a platform for entrepreneurs to voice their inventions, ideas, or products at a higher level. They can even get the investors through the platform to finally start their journey towards their dream.

What’s the Hyped “Keto Pill” Story?

In 2018, an episode aired on Shark Tank that hosted “Honest Keto Diet” and “Keto Cookie Nui” on the show that later found their investors. Although the show didn’t have a single episode on “Keto” other than these, but the world then witnessed an array of scam advertisements associated with Shark tank one after one.

For those who don’t understand correctly, The “Keto” is a form of diet that puts the body on ketosis where the body uses Fat and Ketones as fuel and helps losing weight ultimately.

Keto pill manufacturers claim that their pills can flip the body’s metabolism towards ketosis without following the proper keto diet. Well, shortcuts can also reveal disastrous results! Be careful, though.

“Honest” & “Nui” – Only Keto Brands Ever Aired

Somewhere in 2018, Shark Tank aired an episode that featured “Honest Keto Diet Supplement” that was lucky enough to get investors from the show and made the victory eventually.

Honest keto is a dietary supplement that comes in a packing of 60 capsules. These capsules help shift the body’s metabolism to ketosis to burn up deposited fat and ketones to keep the body in shape.

Honest and Nui

As Honest got investors, it was about to be launched in the market near November 2018 when Shark Tank aired another show featuring “Nui Keto Cookies.” These tempting cookies are high in fats and low in sugar, making them a perfect fit for keto.

Other than these two brands and products, The Shark Tank never aired any Keto-related Product ever again, and thus, the hype makes no sense.

So What’s the Shark Tank Weight Loss Keto Scam?

Just after the Keto Episode went aired, it avarice keto pill manufacturers to get the benefits, so they started using “as mentioned in Shark Tank Episode” as their advertisement strategy. Most of them were really of sub-standard quality!

Weightloss Diet

People got washed off from their bucks and gained nothing in return. Their bodies showed no signs of weight loss, and even worse, their bodies started showing increased hunger that became a disaster to handle.

That harmful effect was because most of the diet pills contained some vitamins and BHB hormone that subdue the appetite but only until it’s being consumed.

Fake Endorsements also turned up the Heat

To dupe and lure the customers into magnificent (cheap indeed) keto pills, the scammers used some celebrity’s appealing weight loss photos like Meghan Markle and Kim along with the name of a famous TV show Shark Tank that obviously, was enough to fool anyone.

Shark Tank Weight Loss Fake Endorsements

Scammers didn’t even think before using famous personality names like Chrissy Teigen, Demi Lovato, and Jameela Jamil. They later tweeted to deny any of their concern or association with these Keto pills and asked their fans not to believe such scammers.

They didn’t even stop at fake endorsements and sending the sub-standard so-called Shark Tank Weight Loss pills, but some of them even didn’t bother to send something. Orders were never delivered, Phew!

What were the Factors that Created Fictitious Image?

Some inferior products got hyped, became an internet sensation, and scammed a lot of money from innocent customers; how did it happen? What were the factors that urged the customers to blind-trust these jerry-built keto pills? Sadly, the media played its part smartly!

  • The products were associated with the Shark Tank Weight Loss episode.
  • Celebrity’s body transformation pictures were used smartly.
  • Amazon also featured 5-star reviews for these products.
  • Many reputable news sites like Fox and US Weekly wrote for these.
  • TV shows never stopped talking about their “wow” results.
Shark Tank Factors

All these factors summed up to summon these products as efficient, quick-resulting, evident, and legitimate for weight loss. But now we know that the reviews are purposely generated, celebrity pictures were used without their concerns, and all their claims are simply a scammer’s buttered up lies.

Another scary fact is that these scammers have invested in building-up fake review sites. The sites seem to be very authentic, scientific, responsible, and legitimate but are seen supporting the poor-quality keto pill sites. Scammers are indeed savvy!

Shark Tank Weight Loss – Some Scientific and Logical Insights

As mentioned earlier, these so-called Shark Tank Weight Loss supplements are mostly 800mg BHB plus Vitamin pills, and that BHB potentially suppresses hunger. On the other way round, during ketosis, the body produces ketones that it uses as fuel for metabolism instead of carbs.

Normal ketone levels in the body are <0.5mmol if you’re not on a ketogenic diet. An 800mg BHB would increase it to 0.11mmol, which is still not enough for ketosis as the sweet spot is 1.5 to 3.0 mmol.

On the other way round, BHB is never effective under 3gm that cannot be fitted into a capsule, and thus, this 800mg is just not enough to increase the number of ketones from the baseline. Obvious and clear – that’s just not enough for weight loss!

Shark Tank Weight Loss – Products to Look For

The Shark Tank Weight Loss scam didn’t stop at one product. Still, upon in-depth investigation, it was seen that there are many pills or supplements with entirely different packages and different brand names but the same photo ads, claims, reviews, and results.

To help you stay away from these scammers, here’s a list of scam manufacturers of keto pills, just like Shark Tank Weight Loss pills.

  • PureFit Keto
  • Keto Rapid Max Pure
  • Keto Legend
  • Holistic Bliss Keto
  • Keto Supreme
  • Keto RX
  • Envy Naturals Keto
  • Keto Max Burn
  • Ultra Apex Keto
  • Maxwell Keto

What should you do to be Safe from Scams?

First of all, never use anything that’s going to interfere with your health and body systems without an expert’s consultation. Take help from authentic sites.

Secondly, just know a little about the science of anything you’re going to use. See, the internet and scholarly articles are enough to give you a sharp vision for anything you’re up to.

Thirdly, nothing that is safe for health can claim dramatic results within days. If a product claims, check for the citation, and above all, be aware!

The Takeaway

Shark Tank provides an opportunity for emerging entrepreneurs, and the world never stops messing up even the right things. Shark Tank Weight Loss features a natural supplement and a Nui Keto Cookie. Rest everything under its name is a total scam.

Be responsible, never give hype to the things you don’t trust. Raise your voice and speak out to save others who could be possible next hunts of the scammers.